Home Politics Pelosi claims Trump actually “wants” to be impeached

Pelosi claims Trump actually “wants” to be impeached

Pelosi claims Trump actually “wants” to be impeached

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the audience at an “Inside Congress” event sponsored by Cornell University’s Institute of Politics and Global Affairs on East 44th Street in Manhattan, that she believed President Donald Trump is “goading” Democrats into trying to impeach him as a political strategy, The New York Post reported.

“Don’t tell anybody I told you this,” Pelosi said, prompting laughter from the audience. “Trump — I use his name — Trump is goading us to impeach him,” she said. “That’s what he’s doing. Every single day, he’s just like taunting, taunting, taunting.”

According to Pelosi, she believes that the president considers it to be a move that would obtain him even more loyalty from his voter base, who are disgruntled with politicians that they believe to be overstepping their authority.

Pelosi said Trump “knows that it would be very divisive in the country, but he doesn’t really care. He just wants to solidify his base.” She also assured her audience that Democrats under her leadership will not fall into his trap.

“We can’t impeach him for political reasons, and we can’t not impeach him for political reasons. We have to see where the facts take us,” she said.

However, the speaker also added that she believes the “Congress’ powers of impeachment are a justification for Democrats to be given access to the unredacted Mueller report and its associated investigative materials,” the Post reported.

According to Pelosi, the reason that Mueller did not recommend charges for the president is due to his knowledge of the current Justice Department’s opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. However, Congress has options that do not include indictment.

“We need this information in case we want to exercise other options,” Pelosi said as she again offered her assurances that she does not plan to launch impeachment proceedings.

“That might take us to a place, but we have to have more — I believe we have to have more information,” she said.


However, according to Pelosi, Democrats decision on whether or not to impeach the president won’t matter for long because, “the Constitution will win the next presidential election,” Pelosi said.

“We cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump if we are going to be faithful to our democracy,” she said.


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