Home News Pelosi declares victory over Trump: “Put that matter to rest…”

Pelosi declares victory over Trump: “Put that matter to rest…”

Pelosi declares victory over Trump: “Put that matter to rest…”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday President Donald Trump has agreed to postpone his State of the Union address until the government is reopened, according to The New York Post.

Pelosi said that the speech was “so unimportant in the lives of the American people” compared to other priorities according to the Post.

“Last night the president accepted the fact that the State of the Union should be at a time when government is not shut down. I’m glad we could get that off the table. It is so unimportant in the lives of the American people in terms of especially those who are victims of the shutdown, hostages to the president’s applause line in a campaign speech,” Pelosi said at a press briefing.

“Thank goodness we have put that matter to rest and we can get on to the subject at hand, open up government so we can negotiate how best to protect our borders.”

The president reportedly agreed to Pelosi’s demand to postpone the speech following the speaker’s letter resending her previous offer to hold the speech in the House of Representatives.

The partial government shutdown, which is the result of disagreements on the government budget, has stemmed largely from the president’s demand for funding for a border wall, which Pelosi has declared will not come to pass.

“We have asked the Republicans to take yes for an answer over and over again and the legislation that we passed this week we have a little more than half a billion dollars for the ports of entry that we have been told by authorities that 90 percent of drugs come through the ports of entry,” Pelosi said, countering the president’s argument that the wall would stop the flow of drugs.

“We have asked [the Senate] over and over again to take yes for an answer. We are firm in our support for how we secure our borders. Let’s have that discussion after we open up government and let us get to work,” she said, before enumerating the various federal agencies that have been shuttered for 34 days and the negative effects the shutdown was having on the country.


“You heard from the [FBI agents] association because of the shutdown that they had no funds to pay for investigation and prosecution of cases including child exploitation, cyber warfare,” she said.

“You have heard from the air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants that we have a growing concern for safety and security. We cannot calculate the level of risk currently at play or predict the point at which the system will break.”


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