Home Politics Pelosi’s latest move against Trump backfires

Pelosi’s latest move against Trump backfires

Pelosi’s latest move against Trump backfires

President Trump communicated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with another tweet regarding the timing of the annual State of the Union speech. He wrote that he had “so many options” for delivering the address after Pelosi asked him to delay it because of the partial government shutdown.

“Nancy, I am still thinking about the State of the Union speech, there are so many options – including doing it as per your written offer (made during the Shutdown, security is no problem), and my written acceptance,” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday. “While a contract is a contract, I’ll get back to you soon!”

Pelosi sent Trump a letter Wednesday asking him to delay the State of the Union address or possibly just deliver a written address. She cited the Department of Homeland Security’s partial funding and said the Secret Service would not be able to provide adequate security. Trump’s address is scheduled for Jan. 29.

Some congressional Republicans have suggested plans to allow Trump to bypass Pelosi’s invitation to deliver the address. Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul suggested Trump bypass the House of Representatives entirely and deliver the speech from the Senate floor Thursday. Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie echoed Paul’s suggestion in a Saturday tweet. 

“Could [Donald Trump] deliver the State of the Union Address in the Senate? The Senate floor is smaller than the House floor, but as you can see in this photograph, there are enough seats if some of us sit in the gallery,” Massie wrote on Twitter Saturday.

Pelosi and Trump are in the midst of a battle rooted in the parties’ disagreement over border wall funding. It has led to the partial government shutdown that is now in its 30th day.

Pelosi has said a border wall would be “immoral.”

Trump also accused the Democrats of being only focused on the 2020 election after Pelosi rejected Trump’s offer to bring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) extensions into a compromise to reopen the government Saturday.

“Nancy Pelosi and some of the Democrats turned down my offer yesterday before I even got up to speak,” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday morning. “They don’t see crime [and] drugs, they only see 2020 – which they are not going to win. Best economy! They should do the right thing for the Country [and] allow people to go back to work.”

Credit: Daily Caller


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