Home National News People Are Raising Funds to Give Congress A Taste of It’s Own Medicine

People Are Raising Funds to Give Congress A Taste of It’s Own Medicine

People Are Raising Funds to Give Congress A Taste of It’s Own Medicine

After Congress had voted to pass a resolution that could lead to the violation of citizens’ Internet privacy protections, angry Internet users have funneled a shocking $280,000 toward funds created to buy up the browsing history of the Congressmen who supported the bill’s passage in an attempt to reverse its progression.

The provocative bill SJR34 was sent for Trump’s approval on Thursday and is currently awaiting its final passage:

This joint resolution nullifies the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission entitled ‘Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.’
— Find the full summary of SJR34 here

Although the protection laws have only been in place since December of 2016, individuals across the nation are outraged at Congress’ decision to remove them. “Supernatural” star Misha Collins has taken a bold step in protest:

Collins’ GoFundMe page entitled “Buy Congress’ Internet Data” has already earned $84,300, and it has a shocking goal of $500 million. With the money collected, he apparently plans to buy President Trump’s Internet data, as well as that of each Congressman that voted for SJR34’s passage. He is gracious enough to leave a comforting disclaimer:

“No, we won’t “doxx” people. We will not share information that will impact the safety & security of their families (such as personal addresses). However, all other details are fair game. It says so right in the resolution that they voted to approve.”

The infuriated actor is not alone in his retaliation. Tennessee resident and privacy activist Adam McElhaney has also built a GoFundMe page entitled “Purchase Private Internet Histories” to achieve a similar goal. He passionately describes his cause:

I think that your private Internet history should be yours. I also believe your Internet should be neutral.

I am raising money to help secure those freedoms.
It is my ultimate hope that we will be able to use the donations to restore our right to privacy

He has earned nearly $200K toward his campaign

Despite the uproar, it is unlikely that there will be even much violation or breaching of Internet browsing history, according to the Washington Post. Chris Calabrese, vice president of policy at the Center for Democracy and Technology reassured citizens:


Based on how companies use and share data today, it’s still relatively unlikely that an ISP would simply hand over data for cash, particularly about an individual

Officials of the Federal Communications Commission have also agreed that user data is still protected for the most part by the ISP’s privacy policies that have already been instated. They also informed the Post that they are still able to take legal action against the violation of user privacy if need be.

So is SJR34 a threat to Skype-rs, bloggers, and Facebookers across the US? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Credit: The Hill | The Washington Post


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