Home News PR Nightmare: NFL Teams Backtrack In Prep For Sunday

PR Nightmare: NFL Teams Backtrack In Prep For Sunday

PR Nightmare: NFL Teams Backtrack In Prep For Sunday

Last weekend, football fans tuned in to watch their favorite teams play Sunday football. National Football League players and President Trump got into a fight after the President tweeted his disapproval of NFL players who do not stand for the national anthem. Many players and teams either took a knee on Sunday, or stood with linked arms, or remained in the tunnel for the anthem in Sunday’s games. The NFL protest has sparked debate nationwide over the role of sports in American political life.

As the controversy continues, several teams have announced their intentions to stand during the anthem in games this Sunday.

The Denver Broncos

In a statement Denver Broncos players said,

“Last week, members of our team joined their brothers around the NFL in a powerful display of unity. It was an emotional time for everyone, including the fans who support us each and every week. As controversial as it appeared, we needed to show our collective strength and resolve. Our voice needed to be heard loud and clear. We may have different values and beliefs, but there’s one thing we all agree on: We’re a team and we stand together — no matter how divisive some comments and issues can be, nothing should ever get in the way of that. Starting Sunday, we’ll be standing together.”

The New England Patriots

While the Patriots have not made an official announcement about their intentions to stand in Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, recent reports do indicate that the team will all join together in standing this Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers

In Thursday nights game players on the Packers and the Chicago Bears, all stood during the national anthem before the anthem. The players, coaches, and staff on both teams all linked arms as the anthem was sung.

The Pittsburg Steelers

Steelers center Maurice Pouncey said, “I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me.” He continued saying, “As far as I know it’s 100 percent participation. We love this country. It’s America. We know there are injustice in this world, but to me, personally, football is football and that’s what we need to approach it as.”

Are you glad to see this? Or has the damage been done?

Source: Denver Post | CBS Boston | Fox News


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