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Trump Made An Announcement That’ll Have His Supporters CHEERING… This Is GREAT!


Donald Trump, billionaire and president-elect. The cynical people in America might think that he’d take that $400,000 a year salary and add it to his net worth. After all, isn’t he just a greedy businessman? Not so fast.

The Blaze, reporting on the “60-Minutes” interview with the president-elect on Sunday, reports that Trump will not take the salary.

I think I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year.

If he stays with this commitment, he will be only the third president to ever decline the salary. Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy both declined to take their salaries as well, donating them to charity instead.

This could very well be a warning shot across the bow of all his detractors, letting them know that he means business and is going to not only get things done, but shake up the status quo.

The “60-Minutes” interview also covered the topic of his tax returns, but as he says, the public obviously doesn’t care because he won easily. I’m sure that no one would turn down the chance to see if they were given it, but Trump may very well be right when he puts it in the non-issue column of what matters.

Of course, listening to all of his detractors, you would think that this is some trick to get people on his side. Or that since he makes so much money already that forgoing the salary is like a minimum wage worker giving up a quarter. But, no matter who you are, billionaire or minimum wage worker, $400,000 a year is still a lot of money. Trump didn’t get rich by turning down $400,000 whenever it was offered to him.

Turning down the salary, may just be one of the biggest reasons to believe he is for real.

Watch the interview here.








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