Home News President Just Hurled A Horrible Insult At An MSNBC Host

President Just Hurled A Horrible Insult At An MSNBC Host

President Just Hurled A Horrible Insult At An MSNBC Host

Look, you can slam a journalist for their work or opinion all day every day but, one thing that is just wrong is personally attacking someone. Even at a small page like the “Red-Blue Divide” behavior like what the President did would at the very least get you a warning by one of our editors to debate on substance, not personal attacks. There is no defense for this…
Initially, the President started his morning tweet with a comment about putting a deal together with Mexico or sugar and how it was great for America. Then things took a turn for the usual media bashing about the show “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. However, after that, the President made some awful comments about Mika Brazinski.

There is no reason for the President to insult Mika like that and this is coming from a person who has no problem with the media and the President attacking each other (see our previous post). There are plenty of things the President could say to attack the press that would be valid; personal attacks were not needed. I also have no problem with the President tweeting out to his followers and pushing his agenda. But, just think about this, these tweets are going to go into the national archives one day, President Trump is this how you want to be remembered? Get off the personal attacks, put the phone down, and go to work. If we like the work you do we’ll give if you another term; if not you’re out the door. Fix infrastructure, get healthcare “fixed” (or whatever, trying calling the other people called Democrats you might be surprised they want to help), lower taxes, put a budget together, but this, this is not making America great. This just makes us look stupid.
Do you think the President crossed the line today?


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