Home National News President Trump Forced To Give Up Droid For A Replacement

President Trump Forced To Give Up Droid For A Replacement

President Trump Forced To Give Up Droid For A Replacement

Well, this just happened. .President Donald Trump has given up his old, unsecured Android phone and now will be tweeting from a brand new iPhone. He’s made the switch to Apple. White House Director of Social Media, Dan Scavino Jr. tweeted late last night, “@POTUS@realDonaldTrump has been using his new iPhone for the past couple of weeks here on Twitter. Yes, it is #POTUS45 reading and tweeting!” People had noticed that the president’s tweets had been coming from an iPhone and there were some questions whether they were coming from his hand, so Scavino put the suspicions to rest.
Trump was being criticized in the past for using his own unsecured, off-the-shelf Android phone while serving in the highest office of the land. The president’s phone habits worried members of Congress and Senators, some of whom wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. They were concerned that Trump’s old phone didn’t leave a presidential paper trail and that his unsecured phone was an open invitation to hackers.

Trump probably kept his old android because of the stance he took against Apple when they refused to cooperate with the FBI’s investigation of terrorists. Trump tweeted in February of 2016: Boycott all Apple products until such time as Apple gives cell phone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal. Apple refused to unlock the phone involved in the San Bernadino shootings, so Trump said that he would ditch his iPhone until Apple changed its position.

There’s no doubt that Trump’s new phone will be more secure than his old phone, but it won’t allay all security fears. Apple iPhones are still vulnerable to hackers. Trump’s independence in Tweeting and the polarity that it generates will certainly prove to be a juicy target for potential hackers.


Should President Trump submit to the same locked down phone that President Obama used? It supposedly was little more than a “play phone.” It’s unlikely that Trump will give up control and independence. He believes that his phone is his ticket to bypass the crooked media and get right to the American people. What do you think?


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