Home News Press Room Gets Testy As Acosta Confronts Spicer During Briefing

Press Room Gets Testy As Acosta Confronts Spicer During Briefing

Press Room Gets Testy As Acosta Confronts Spicer During Briefing

It’s becoming just as much a rivalry as a Redskins/Giants NFL game. CNN reporter Jim Acosta and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer went at it again on Monday in a heated showdown about why cameras were not allowed to be on in the briefing.

Spicer called on another reporter, but Acosta would not be silenced. He continued to cut in over and over again trying to get Spicer to answer why the cameras had to be off. At one point, Spicer appeared to be taking a shot at Acosta suggesting that he was showing off for television, “There’s no camera on, Jim.” Acosta lunged back, ”Maybe we should turn the cameras on, Sean,” Acosta said. “Why don’t we turn the cameras on? Why don’t we turn the cameras on?” Spicer tied to divert the conversation to another reporter, but Acosta just kept going, “Why not turn the cameras on, Sean? They’re in the room. The lights are on,” Acosta said.

This is just the last head to head confrontation these two have had during White House briefings. Last week, Acosta charged that Spicer was “kind of useless” for not giving answers to questions and for doing the briefings off the air. This new policy of briefings has increased in the last month and broken the tradition of live briefings for the press.

When Acosta kept reiterating the question to Spicer, CNN reporter, April Ryan, said it was a “legitimate question.” This seemed to fuel Acosta’s fire, “You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman for the United States government. Can you at least give us an explanation for why the cameras are off?” Acosta asked.

Spicer responded. “Some days we’ll have them, some days we won’t,” He added it was not inconsistent with what the administration had said since “day one.” Acosta wasn’t done after the briefing was over. He tweeted out #whyarethecamerasoff shortly after the gathering. And CNN aired the audio recording of the heated exchange.

You can listen to this rivalry with the clips below. What do you think about the White House’s position?

Credit: Free Beacon


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