Home News Priebus is Out and Kelly Is In and Here Is Who Many Are Saying Could Be Out Next

Priebus is Out and Kelly Is In and Here Is Who Many Are Saying Could Be Out Next

Priebus is Out and Kelly Is In and Here Is Who Many Are Saying Could Be Out Next

If you haven’t heard by now on Friday, President Trump removed his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. According to NBC News:

He resigned privately on Thursday, a source close to Priebus said.
“The president wanted to go in a different direction. I support him in that, and, as I said a couple of weeks ago, I said the president has a right to change directions,” Priebus said in an interview on CNN.
He added that there is no “ill will” between him and the president and that he even discussed possible replacements with Trump.
“I will continue to serve as a strong supporter of the president’s agenda and policies,” Priebus said in a statement shortly after the news broke Friday evening.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Friday that the change had been under discussion for about two weeks.
After announcing Kelly, Trump tweeted thanks to his outgoing adviser “for his service and dedication to his country.”

That was a very nice statement from Priebus. However, many are saying that Priebus was part of the GOP “swamp” and he was there to undercut the President. Then, enter the Mooch who over the past week accused Priebus of facilitating leaks and doing nothing to stop them, it was only a matter of time before Priebus got the boot. Anthony Scaramucci was appointed by the President to become the Chief of Communications. “The Mooch” is reporting directly to the President, and he has one job, find and remove leakers.
But, Trump insiders are saying Scaramucci is not done and there is one more official that needs to be put in check.
Before we jump into that here’s a little background on how we compiled the information…
So I’m sure by now you are asking just where is the information coming from and the answer is very simple, Trump’s little press core he put together with Bannon. When Trump took office, he allowed some “alt-right” reporters to join the press core. One of these reporters is Jack Posobiec who is also a right wing activist but, he has the ear of Bannon and Trump’s closest allies. To put it mildly “The Mooch” (Scaramucci) will not be calling him for his source in a profanity laced tirade because Scaramucci is probably the source. Posobiec has been saying for two weeks that a White House shake-up is coming and Priebus is out. Sometimes it’s not about how many sources, it’s about who the source is and on which topic they are credible about. When the Administration wants to speak to the “far-right” on plans and marching orders, Posobiec is who they call.
Well, guess who Posobiec is saying is next on the chopping block? General H.R McMaster.
According to some when McMaster was looking to get confirmed Senator McCain and Lindsey Gramham said the only way they would give him support is if he hired Gramham’s long time long-time legislative assistant Virginia Boney. Now insiders are saying she can’t keep her mouth shut. However, no one knows for sure and to blame Boney would be irresponsible.
What we do know is that many of these National Security leaks to include Administration officials transcripts and phone calls are coming from McMaster’s office. It is not known how Scaramucci is going to handle McMaster who is a whole different animal than Priebus. Maybe McMaster stops the leaks as a result of the shake-up, or maybe he wasn’t leaking at all. However, the information leaked from his office is tightly controlled and following the trail won’t be hard especially with Priebus out.
One thing to point out here as well, in this discussion of leaks is I haven’t mentioned once any Obama official or member of the DNC. These are all GOP insiders and Republicans hired by the Administration (or Priebus). Now, look there is evidence of unmasking and funny business, from the former Administration (just like there is evidence about Russia trying to influence the election). But, from about April on all those Obama officials were pretty much out.
There are a lot of people that want the President out of office for many reasons, and many in the GOP are some of those people.
Now if you are not a Trump supporter Priebus’s removal should be concerning because those officials that the GOP put in place to try and leash the President are quickly evaporating. As a result, it is going to make it easier for the Trump team to push their agenda, navigate Washington, and possibly bury information.
So sit back folks and enjoy America’s new most popular reality television series “Washington D.C” because even the people that wrote “House of Cards” couldn’t do better than this.

Source: NBC News | Twitter


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