Home News Principle Is In Hot Water After Permitting A Despicable Decoration

Principle Is In Hot Water After Permitting A Despicable Decoration

Principle Is In Hot Water After Permitting A Despicable Decoration

“Politics do not belong in an elementary school,” is what one angry Republican Party member said after a school principal gave permission for a controversial Halloween display at a school party. The principal at the West Parish Elementary School in Gloucester, Massachusetts apologized for a bean bag toss game that included a fake tombstone with the name “Don Trump” on it.

Some of the angry parents sent pictures to Massachusetts Republican Party committeewoman Amanda Orlando Kesterson, who shared one of the photos on Facebook.

“Politics does not belong in an elementary school–any politics,” she told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s, Kendall Buhl. “But it’s particularly egregious to be putting the name of the sitting US president on a tombstone.”

Dr. Telena Imel, the school principal, apologized in a letter to parents. “Intentionally or not, it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designed to be a fun family affair,” Imel wrote.

“Our school and this includes school events sponsored by related groups, is not the place for politics. In planning future events, it will be made clear to organizers that school is not the place to engage in or to display political agendas or opinions,” Imel continued.

The parents who created the display have also apologized, and the GOP committeewoman said that she is satisfied. Kesterson believes that the discussion this controversy generated has been a good thing.

“The City of Gloucester does not condone political messaging within our schools.” Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken said in a statement Monday.

“We share the sentiments outlined in recent school administration statements and have made our expectations clear. We support the Superintendent’s Office in their efforts to provide a meaningful resolution and believe that the school administration is responding appropriately toward our community,” the Mayor continued.

Credit: CBS Boston


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