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Qatar Won’t Play Mueller’s Games

Qatar Won’t Play Mueller’s Games

Officials in Qatarihase apparently decided to not share any information regarding any meetings with Jared Kushner with special counsel Robert Mueller.

It was rumored that  Qatar officials had information regarding influences by the United Arab Emirates on Trump “associates.” NBC News reports:

Three sources familiar with the discussions said the Qatari officials don’t want to hand over the evidence to Mueller because they don’t want to negatively affect the relationship with the Trump administration.

A report earlier this month said Mueller’s team of investigators was looking into whether an adviser to the de facto leader of the United Arab Emirates has influenced White House policymaking.

Mueller has been investigating Russian election meddling and whether there was possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

The report said Mueller’s team was looking into a Lebanese-American businessman and adviser to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, the crown prince of the UAE.

That businessman, George Nader, visited the White House frequently last year, according to the report. That investigators are examining Nader’s role in the White House’s policymaking and asking about efforts by the Emiratis to influence the Trump administration.

Qatari officials weighed speaking to Mueller during a visit to Washington earlier this year, and has now learned the information the officials wanted to share included details about Nader and Broidy working with the UAE to turn the Trump administration against Qatar, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

A spokesperson for the Qatari embassy in Washington said in a statement last week that Qatar won’t be providing materials to the Mueller investigation.

The President decided to join the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in a blockade of Qatar because of their funding of terrorism. The blockade has cut the country off from food and medical supplies.


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