Home News Rand Paul Schools Lindsey Graham’s Latest Statement

Rand Paul Schools Lindsey Graham’s Latest Statement

Rand Paul Schools Lindsey Graham’s Latest Statement

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been scrutinized by Sen. Rand Paul’s office after Graham said Paul wouldn’t support any ObamaCare replacement bill. A spokesman for Paul released the following statement about Graham’s statement:

“While we do have a press assistant opening in the Communications Department, Senator Graham has not applied and should not make public statements on behalf of Senator Rand Paul.”

The scrutiny came after Graham told reporters that Rand Paul was “irrevocably gone.” He also suggested that Paul wouldn’t support the Senate Republican’s attempt at repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Graham said the following statement to reporters:

“[Rand’s] not going to vote for any bill that has refundable tax credits to help low-income people buy healthcare.”

Though the statement is likely true because of Paul’s extreme conservative stance, it was still taken offensively. The Hill reports Paul’s rare op-ed where he spoke on this issue:

“The Kentucky Republican questioned in a Rare op-ed on Tuesday if the GOP plan is ‘ObamaCare-Lite,’ noting that it wants to keep “over ninety percent of the Obamacare subsidies” including helping individuals buy health insurance.”

Paul’s spokesman, however, stated that the senator is “keeping an open mind” on the healthcare agenda and that he “remains optimistic the bill can be improved in the days ahead.” Republicans can only lose two senators in order to keep the legislation from hitting a tie. With no Democrats expecting to support the bill, it’s quite possible that the bill will go to a tie resulting in Vice President Mike Pence’s tie-breaking action.

Graham’s statement also comes on the heels of his other statement which declares himself as severely pessimistic about the future of this healthcare bill. But this isn’t the first time the two senators have butted heads. They cross paths quite often, but more often than not their disagreements then to revolve around National security and foreign policy.


Credit: The Hill


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