Home News Rand Paul slams the breaks on Mueller resolution

Rand Paul slams the breaks on Mueller resolution

Rand Paul slams the breaks on Mueller resolution

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) voted to block a resolution that would have unanimously called special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be made public. Paul argued not that the report shouldn’t be public, but insisted that if it were going to be made public, communications and testimony from Obama-era officials should be included, according to The Hill.

The measure was brought forward by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), one of several Democratic senators running for president in 2020. Klobouchar asked for unanimous consent on the resolution which had cleared the house earlier this month 420-0.

“We still have not seen the report. I have urged the Department of Justice to release the report, and the administration should not delay in producing the report to Congress,” Klobuchar said.

However, Paul wouldn’t vote for the nonbinding resolution without the provision calling for the public release of the communications, including President Obama, former FBI Director James Comey, and former CIA Director John Brennan, The Hill reported.

“We need to know was there malfeasance, was there misuse of power, did President Obama’s administration get involved in an election to infiltrate the Trump campaign to trap them? … We need to know that,” he said. “What we need to discover and we do not yet know: Was President Obama involved?”

Paul’s decision wasn’t altogether surprising, however. The senator warned that he wouldn’t vote for the resolution unless the called for information was included.

“I don’t care whether it’s a Democrat president or a Republican president, we should not waste the time of the entire country sending spies into campaigns, making false accusations and tying the country in knots for two years,” Paul said from the Senate floor on Thursday.

“We will agree to see the Mueller report as long as the other side will agree to show us the communications that took place in deciding to promote this fake allegation against the president and whether there was misuse of their office,” he continued. “We based this investigation on a lie, we should investigate who the liars were.”

Paul has been vocal about his belief that former President Barack Obama Should be investigated just as closely as the current president has been. https://redbluedivide.com/rand-paul-gets-ready-to-dig-into-obamas-past/

The Kentucky Republican said on Wednesday that he believes lawmakers should turn their focus to investigating former President Barack Obama and the role he could have played in the almost two-year-long Russia investigation that wrapped up just days ago.

Paul tweeted, “I agree with @kimguilfoyle Time for Congress to investigate. What did President Obama know and when? How did this hoax go on for so long unabated?”

The senator’s comment was in response to a tweet by former Fox News host and girlfriend of the first son, Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle.


Guilfoyle linked to an opinion piece that she penned that was published by The Daily Caller in which she highlights what she believes lawmakers should be paying attention to while they conduct their investigations.

“The results are in: for the past two years the president has been investigated for a crime that never happened,” Guilfoyle said.


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