Home News Rand Paul stands with Trump on issue that’s splitting GOP

Rand Paul stands with Trump on issue that’s splitting GOP

Rand Paul stands with Trump on issue that’s splitting GOP

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is in support of President Donald Trump’s decision to remove United States troops from Syria.

Paul spoke about his reasons for supporting the president on this issue on Thursday’s edition of “Liberty Fire” on Fox Nation.

Paul began his explanation talking about the process that the United States goes through to go to war with a country, and how that process was not accomplished before U.S. troops moved into Syria.

The senator also stated that while some of his colleagues believe that there are still terrorist in Syria, it is believed by most, that the vast majority are no longer active in the area.

“If we wait for a perfect time, we’ll be there forever,” Paul said. “So I think it is time. I’m proud of the president for coming back out of Syria.”

Paul vocally encouraged the presidents’ withdrawal of troops because very few members of Congress, from either side of the aisle, have lent their support to the effort.

“When you talk to him — more so, I think, in recent weeks — you hear him say things like ‘perpetual war,’ ‘endless war,’ so if anything, I’m encouraged that he’s becoming stronger and more outspoken on this,” Paul said.

The opposition to the president’s decision to bring troops in Syria home has found a vocal critic in Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina.

Graham is one of the lawmakers who believe that the job Americans set out to do in the region is not yet finished. Paul addressed those concerns:

“The president said when he went into Syria that we were going in there to defeat ISIS, that was the thing to do. ISIS is now largely defeated,” Paul said.

“People like Lindsey Graham say that they’re not all defeated, there’s one or two of them that are organizing.

“Really its an ideology, this idea of radical Islam that’s out there that belies in violent jihad against the west or violent jihad against civilians. They will always be out there.”


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