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Rapper and NY Times Takes Things Too Far When Bow Wow Threatens Melania Trump

Rapper and NY Times Takes Things Too Far When Bow Wow Threatens Melania Trump

On Wednesday things began to heat up between the rapper Snoop Dogg and President Trump after a very controversial video was released. A scene in the video depicted Snoop executing a clown that looked like President Trump. As previously reported by Redbluedivide.com Trump responded in kind to Snoop.

Around 1 pm the rapper Bow Wow who was discovered by Snoop Dogg tweeted:

As the tweet came out cultural editor from the New York Times Tweets:

Almost instantly the New York Times received numerous complaints like the one below shared by an editor at the Times Liz Spayd. Spayd shared a complaint that was written by a reader named Sean Casey of San Jose, Calif which echoed the sentiments of many:

I am writing regarding a tweet published yesterday by a Times writer Sopan Deb. It is atrocious to promote the threatening sexual slavery upon any woman, and criminal to threaten the First Lady in this way. Mr. Deb’s retweeting of this, along with his comment implying that someone’s offense at this would be inappropriate, reflects poorly on NYT. Please consider the outrage had someone made a similar remark about First Lady Obama: the Internet would have exploded with exhortations to tar, feather, and hang the person who made such a remark.

The NY Times editor did speak with Deb about his comments which he claimed was not the wisest thing to do but blamed right-wing news organizations for “latching on to his tweet.” The New York Times did not discipline Deb because for some reason condoning a woman to sexual slavery isn’t a problem. Of course, this isn’t the first time someone from the NY Times has slandered the First Lady. Once the story went national someone in Bow Wow’s camp must have contacted him and the tweet was deleted.

Bow Wow also received strong criticism from some of his peers like Sincere Show who supported Snoop for his video, however, said Bow Wow violated any “beef” for including wives and children. While Sincere Show was discussing Bow Wow’s statement with TMZ he gave one of the best bi-partisan comments about President Trump which you can watch below:


When it comes to the video by Snoop I don’t agree with his portrayal I would never agree with showing any depiction of anyone being murdered. However, Snoop is communicating the feelings of many that have been discarded by society (to include Obama. Just ask Flint Michigan). Snoop is trying to get the attention of people through shock to bring awareness to many that feel abused by “the system.” As for Bow Wow’s statements…cowards always go after women at least Snoop was man enough to go after “The Man.”

Source: TMZ | New York Times


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