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The REAL Facts About Meals On Wheels

The REAL Facts About Meals On Wheels

The President recently released more on his proposed budget which would limit funding for Meals on Wheels along with a few other major touching programs. The reveal was met with plenty of opposition, including the following statement by Rep. Nancy Pelosi:

“The Republicans in Congress and this White House, as we’re seeing now just in a few weeks, never miss an opportunity to suck up money from the middle class.”

Let’s get the facts right. Meals on Wheels will hardly be affected by this change. The Trump administration’s budget would shut down the Community Development Block Grant. The nearly pointless federal grant has created waste and fraud and costs $3 billion a year. The budget even talked about this stating:

“The Federal Government has spent over $150 billion on this block grant since its inception in 1974, but the program is not well-targeted to the poorest populations and has not demonstrated results.”

Reason’s, Nick Gillespie explains this lack of results saying:

“The money often is not going to Meals on Wheels or even to the neediest communities. As a Reason Foundation analysis also from 2013 shows, wealthier communities get the larger chunks of the money, particularly counties that—what a coincidence! —are in proximity to Washington, D.C…. Check out this audit from Riverside County, California, for their CDBG expenditures for 2016, and there’s neither a meal nor a wheel to be found. Of the $761,744 the county received, nearly all of it went to improve a playground and the sidewalks of a single local elementary school. And note that the reason they were they were audited by Housing and Urban Development was because they hadn’t provided proper documentation of their expenses.”

While there is some money coming from this grant, funding of Meals on Wheels primarily comes from other sources. The extremely leftist site, Snopes, even said, “the effect of CDBG cuts on local Meals on Wheels groups is uncertain.”
It’s reported that only 3% of Meal on Wheels funding comes from the federal government and only a portion of that 3% comes from CDBG. So while the media wants you to think the majority of funding is going to be cut, that’s not even close to the truth.


Credit: Daily Wire


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