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Watch: Rep. Waters Goes Into A Tizzy

Watch: Rep. Waters Goes Into A Tizzy
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After attacking President Donald Trump with a fierce “hyper-aggressive” feel to it, Representative Maxine Waters isn’t backing down, and neither are her supporters.

Rep. Waters has consistently urged her supporters to “fight back” and to ‘Impeach 45.”

While at a South Carolina Democratic-cook-off, the 19th such cook-off to date, Waters went before the Orangeburg County Democrats and riled up the crowd of supporters. She escalated her rhetoric against Trump even further while telling a story about the Gold Star widow, Myesha Johnson.

This is the same widow whom Florida State Representative Frederica Wilson bashed Trump over. Both perceived Trump as disrespectful towards Johnson while on a phone call to express his condolences.

According to the report, Waters also alleged that General John Kelly lost credit and honor when he defended Trump’s call to Johnson.

She said:

“We’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices in the history of this country, you all know that. We’ve had to fight for everything we have.

And you think we’re going to stand back and let something like 45 take it away from us? I say no. I say impeach 45. Impeach 45. Impeach 45. Impeach 45. Forty-five, this message goes out from Orangeburg as it goes out from so many places in this country. We did not ask for a fight with you. We did not ask you to be president. We don’t know how you made it. But now that you’re there and you don’t understand that you don’t belong there, and we don’t intend for you to stay there, the fight is on.”

She continued her hyper-aggressive attack, focusing next on the White House to say Gen. Kelly “lied for the president,” and demanded an apology from him. She claimed that the White house contaminated Kelly, as the White House contaminates “everyone who goes there.”

In previous months, each time Waters visits a public outing, whether it’s explicitly political or not, she takes the opportunity to turn it into a platform for her fight against Trump.

During a speech to LGBT youth, at a non-partisan AIDS walk in Los Angeles, and even during a eulogy for Dick Gregory, Waters just couldn’t keep herself from attacking Trump.


When asked about her aggressive speeches and rhetoric, Waters refused to apologize, saying instead that she’s not referring to physical harm, but Trump’s impeachment. “I’m not going to stop,” she said promising that Trump would wish he was impeached when she’s done with him.


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