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Report: Mueller Follows the Trail

Report: Mueller Follows the Trail

President Trump has been under the scope of investigation since day one of his campaign for presidency. Just recently, federal investigators have focused their efforts on finding an error in Trump’s finances with the Russians. The investigators believe that pursuing this lead will profit them most in their probe.

The probe into President Trump was first focused on proving that Trump colluded with Russia during the elections. With the new management of special counsel Robert Mueller, the focus has changed to finding any financial crime that Trump may have committed during his business days.

Trump has always held his financial information close so probing deeper into them causes him significant discomfort. In an interview with The New York Times, Trump called out Mueller saying that his (Trump’s) financial matters were a “red line” that they shouldn’t cross. However, Mueller has full rights to investigate anything that “arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” This could easily include Trump’s finances.

When the 2016 summer came around, some officials became aware of unique contacts between Trump’s associates and Russia. Former FBI director James Comey then stated in his testimony that the FBI did open an investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. Months later, it was found that alleged Russian officials were again allegedly handing over damaging information on Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

Trump continues to deny any collusion with the Russians and even denies knowing of the meeting his son, Don Jr. had with a Russian woman who allegedly had that damaging info on Clinton. Trump has said in the past that his companies have “no involvement with Russia” and that he has “no loans, no nothing” from the country.


Credit: CNN Politics


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