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Report: Mueller Memo Reveals Fishing Expedition

Report: Mueller Memo Reveals Fishing Expedition

President Trump’s lawyers have reportedly heard from Special Counsel Robert Mueller that he does not consider the president to be a criminal target at this point in his investigation. But Mueller also has said that he still considers Trump to be a subject of his investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election and he has emphasized the need to interview the president as a part of the probe, according to The Washington Post. 

Mueller revealed these disclosures to Trump’s lawyers last month during negotiations over a possible interview with the president. He is preparing a report about Trump’s actions in the White House regarding whether he sought to obstruct the investigations into Russian meddling. 

Mueller focused on his need to interview Trump so that he could determine whether the president acted with corrupt intent to undermine the Russia probe and also to conclude that portion of the investigation. 

According to the Post, this news from Mueller has given the president some relief and has made him more open to an interview with investigators. Some of Trump’s advisers view the situation with suspicion and have warned that an interview with Mueller’s team could put the president at risk of becoming a criminal target. 

Trump, who continues to declare there has been no collusion and continues to call the probe a “witch hunt,” has previously said that he would like to speak with investigators. John Dowd, a personal attorney for the president, advised him against doing so before his resignation last month. 

A judge issued the first sentence from the Russian probe on Tuesday. Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in prison and ordered to pay $20,000 in fines after he lied to federal investigators as part of the special counsel probe.

However, I think if I was the President there is no way I would talk to Mueller and here is why. If the man (Mueller) has nothing then why the heck would you talk to him and possibly get charged with a process crime. Guilty or innocent, make Mueller prove it. Plus, it’s also apparent if this report is true Mueller is looking to see if the President attempted to nefariously obstruct the investigation or if he was just inquiring to find out when the investigation was going to end. Why would you want to sit down with a man that could twist your words? Again, Mueller and his team are spending a lot of tax dollars I would make them work for it every penny.


Do you think that Trump is going to meet with investigators? Do you think he should?

Credit: The Hill


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