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Report Raises Questions About A Senator Who Advocates For Gender Pay Gap

Report Raises Questions About A Senator Who Advocates For Gender Pay Gap

In an unexpected change of pace, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren skipped her usual acknowledgment of Equal Pay Day. This is the first time she failed to mention it since her career started. The reason? It was reported not long before Equal Pay Day that she was paying the women in her Senate office 71% what men in her office were making.

Warren has long fought over the gender pay gap and apparently used the Equal Pay Day to fight for that cause. Last year she considered Equal Pay Day a “national day of embarrassment.” She also pledged not to stop fighting until the pay gap was erased. Since her first year in Senate (2013) she has made several statements about this pay gap.

But unlike years’ prior, Warren refused to acknowledge Equal Pay Day. She delivered a 10-minute speech, but not once mentioned the pay gap. Even if she forgot or decided not to mention it in public, Warren could have at the very least made a post about it on Twitter, the main vocal platform for politicians.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein made a tweet about the day saying, “California has enacted the country’s most progressive fair pay law. Congress must follow our lead.”

The Huffington Post attempted to go to bat for Warren claiming:

The Free Beacon also claimed Warren is only paying one woman more than $100,000, compared to five men. This leaves out Kaaren Hinck, who worked for Warren for half of last year earning $118,000. And Lauren Miller, Warren’s digital director, earns half of her roughly $120,000 salary from Warren’s senate office and half from the campaign ― but the Free Beacon did not include the latter half in its analysis.

That said, because some of Warren’s top-paid female staffers were promoted to other places in 2016 and replaced by men, that year was not the best her office has performed in terms of comparative median pay. Warren’s state strategic advisor, Tracey Lewis, left in 2015 to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But even considering those staff changes, the overall pay for the office favors women, and Warren has always paid women as much as men with the same job titles.

However, the Huffington post made one error that they admitted to at the bottom of their article.


An earlier version of this story referred to the mean salaries for men and women in Warren’s office. In fact, the data was about the median salaries.

So what do we take away from these two publications? At this present time, the Senator has more men on her staff in higher positions than women. The reason for this is because many of the women that used to work for her have moved on to executive positions outside of her office.

Credit: Free Beacon | Huffington Post


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