Home News Report: ‘Rexit’ May Be On the Brink

Report: ‘Rexit’ May Be On the Brink

Report: ‘Rexit’ May Be On the Brink

From inside the ranks, some are not happy with the way the President spoke about the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. According to a report Department of State Rex Tillerson is not happy and indicates he may be looking for an early exit. CNN reports:

Tillerson has a growing list of differences with the White House, including a new debate over Iran policy and personnel. His frustration is hardly a secret and it has spilled out publicly at times. But friends sense a change of late.
For weeks, conversations with Tillerson friends outside of Washington have left the impression that he, despite his frustrations, was determined to stay on the job at least through the end of the year. That would allow time to continue efforts to reorganize the State Department and would mean he could claim to have put in a year as America’s top diplomat.
But two sources who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity over the weekend said they would not be surprised if there was a “Rexit” from Foggy Bottom sooner that that.
Both of these sources are familiar with Tillerson conversations with friends outside Washington. Both said there was a noticeable increase in the secretary’s frustration and his doubts that the tug-of-war with the White House would subside anytime soon. They also acknowledged it could have been venting after a tough week, a suggestion several DC-based sources made when asked if they saw evidence Tillerson was looking for an exit strategy.

So what do you think? Is Tillerson looking to get out? Or was he just venting? Or is this just Tillerson’s way to let Trump know he’s not happy about how Jeff Sessions is being treated?

Source: CNN


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