Home National News Report: Sessions Informs the White House Just What He Plans To Do

Report: Sessions Informs the White House Just What He Plans To Do

Report: Sessions Informs the White House Just What He Plans To Do

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is allegedly not speaking to President Trump according to a report by Politico on Tuesday. White House aides told Politico that Sessions told the White House he will not resign regardless of what Trump does, but he hasn’t verbally told President Trump that.

One adviser, according to Politico, said that Trump wants to see how Sessions will respond to humiliation and said the following:

“He wants Trump to fire him, but he doesn’t want the confrontation. He doesn’t mind the long negative storyline. He will torture him every single day.”

Trump has continued to afflict Sessions with numerous attacks and has recently stated that he (Trump) was “disappointed” with Sessions and that “time will tell” the outcome:

“I told you before: I’ve very disappointed in my attorney general. But we will see what happens. Time will tell, time will tell.”

The President so far has held true to his word and on Wednesday morning tweeted:

Trump Sessions not speaking
Trump Sessions not speaking

Trump also attacked Sessions over what he calls “a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton Crimes.” His attack did get a positive response from conservatives but the media has destroyed him again for attacking more people.

Another point Trump is frustrated with is how Sessions recused himself. In a conversation with The New York Times, Trump said that Sessions “should have never recused himself” from the probe into Russia. He went on to say that if he knew Sessions would recuse himself, he would never have picked him for Attorney General.


Trump has told his advisers he does not wish to speak to Sessions at this point either.

Credit: Politico


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