Home News Reports Claims Sessions Will Answer Questions About Everything Except This

Reports Claims Sessions Will Answer Questions About Everything Except This

Reports Claims Sessions Will Answer Questions About Everything Except This

The Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to testify at a public hearing today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sessions is expected to answer questions on most topics but, will not respond to questions about this: Private conversations with the President.

A source reported to the Politico:

“I wouldn’t expect the attorney general to discuss that,” the source said.

It was unclear whether the Attorney General would cite executive privilege as such, or simply say he wants to preserve the confidentiality of his discussions with Trump.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers both declined to answer questions about their conversations with Trump during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last week. The refusal drew the ire of senators from both parties.

Neither of the intelligence officials formally invoked executive privilege. Coats said he was declining out of confidentiality concerns that were not legal in nature. Both men said they’d asked the White House for guidance on whether they should discuss conversations with the president.

Earlier on Monday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at a press briefing that it was “too premature” to say if Sessions would invoke executive privilege to avoid answering questions about private conversations with the President.

Who knows what will happen today and since the revelations of the Comey testimony media speculation is exactly that; speculation. What we do know is Sessions is going to testify publicly and what he says potentially could be bigger than anything James Comey testified to.

According to some reports (which is also media speculation), Sessions and Trump aren’t getting along. Maybe, Sessions is going to give evidence to something so he can resign. However, Sessions could also head to the Hill and deliver punchy testimony channeling the President.

The only thing we do know is that in a few hours all of our questions will be answered. What do you think will happen at the Sessions hearing?

Source: Politico


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