Home News Republicans block Black History Month honor for Colin Kaepernick

Republicans block Black History Month honor for Colin Kaepernick

Republicans block Black History Month honor for Colin Kaepernick

Wisconsin Republicans were the only thing that kept former NFL player Colin Kaepernick from being honored in Wisconsin for Black History month, according to The New York Post.

GOP members of the state assembly would not pass legislation that acknowledged prominent black Americans until Kaepernick was removed from the list.

“It is critical for this body to recognize the black caucus and recognize the resolution we put forward,” Crowley said on the Assembly floor. “Many of these people that you don’t agree with will still be in the history books that your children and grandchildren will be reading.”

According to Crowley he was on board with the resolution when it passed, but noted that, “I had to get the blessing of all my white counterparts.”

Kaepernick has been seen as an icon to many since his time with the San Francisco 49ers when he decided to kneel for the national anthem in 2016. He did so in hopes of protesting police brutality against black Americans.

Kaepernick, now 31, was born in Milwaukee and hasn’t played in the NFL since his the season that his protest began.

Assembly majority leader from Kaukauna Jim Steineke said that Republicans wouldn’t approve the resolution that included Kaepernick for “obvious reasons,” according to the Post.

The NFL suffered a major drop in attendance as Kaepernick’s protest spread to other players and teams, due to the fact that many considered his move to be unpatriotic.


Assembly Speaker and Republican Robin Vos, as for a resolution that included names of those who were uncontroversial so that the measure could be passed.

“I think it’s important to recognize the contributions of literally thousands and thousands of African-Americans to our state’s history but also trying to find people who, again, bring us together,” Voss said. “Not look at people who draw some sort of vitriol from either side.”


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