Home News The RESULTS Are In … According To The BEST Poll, Our Next President Will Be….

The RESULTS Are In … According To The BEST Poll, Our Next President Will Be….


Let’s be honest. No one seems to know exactly what will happen when the smoke clears tomorrow night and Election Day is over.

But one of the most accurate polls is predicting that Republican Trump will emerge victorious over her Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton.

The IBD/TIPP poll is conducted daily among likely voters and illustrates trends over time and in relation to specific news events. The candidates have remained at a stalemate for the past week. But it appears Trump is pulling ahead in the final days of the campaign.

Trump leads Clinton 43 percent to 41 percent.


The poll results come after the FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress advising them their conclusions into Clinton’s email practices remain unchanged.

This was the most accurate poll in the past three election cycles.

Five percent of voters remain unsure of who they will vote for tomorrow. Of particular concern to the Clinton camp, Trump appears to be surging among independents where he currently holds a nine-point lead.

The poll results also illustrate a deeply divided nation. Younger voters (age 18-44) and voters in the Northeast and West prefer Clinton while older voters (age 45-64) and voters in the Midwest and South prefer Trump. Senior voters (age 65+) are split fairly even across the two candidates. Trump holds a strong lead among men while Clinton holds only a slight lead (three points) above Trump with women. This is despite the constant attacks on Trump for his treatment of women. This also represents a significant change from previous polls that gave Clinton a double-digit lead over Trump with women voters.


The sharpest divides appear to be racial and economic. 51 percent of white voters prefer Trump compared to 69 percent of Black and Hispanic voters. Individuals earning under $50k prefer Clinton while those earning over that amount prefer Trump.

Trump has trailed Clinton in most polls throughout most of this campaign season. But polls have been trending more toward Trump in recent weeks as undecided voters finalize their decisions and Clinton faces more scandals.


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