Home News Some On the ‘Right’ Are Clamoring They Want This To End At the White House

Some On the ‘Right’ Are Clamoring They Want This To End At the White House

Some On the ‘Right’ Are Clamoring They Want This To End At the White House

The Conservatives are once again arguing that the White House should take their press briefings off camera after Wednesday’s heated encounter between White House Policy Adviser Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta. Some Conservatives maintain that it is a mistake to give reporters the exposure that they crave by broadcasting the daily briefings.

“Anyone still want to argue against my position that the White House briefing shouldn’t be televised?” wrote conservative blogger Allahpundit at Hot Air. “What happened here is simple: Reporters knew they were going to go toe-to-toe today with one of the few committed nationalists in the White House on the pet issue of the populist right, the one that helped Donald Trump get elected and turned Steve Bannon into a power broker,” Allahpundit wrote. “They had to make their opposition plain, if not to the average person watching than at least to their colleagues in the media who would have torched them for not questioning Miller aggressively. This reeks of ‘virtue-signaling’ even more than it does of standard media bias.”

The White House has been back and forth with airing the press briefings on camera. They went dark under former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The briefings pulled huge ratings but usually turned into shouting matches. Spicer charged that reporters were grandstanding and looking to make a name for themselves. But the briefings came back on air under Anthony Scaramucci. Now that he is gone after just ten days, it is unknown what the future position will be.

The heat at the last press briefing was not just between Miller and CNN’s Acosta. Miller also got into a heated exchange with New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush. When Thrush demanded statistics and specific studies to back the new Trump immigration plan, the two spent several minutes talking over each other.

“I’m not asking for common sense,” Thrush said at one point. “I’m asking for specific statistical data.”

“I think it’s pretty clear, Glenn, that you’re not asking for common sense,” Miller shot back.

You can watch the exchange below:

What do you think? Should these press briefings be on air or dark?

Credit: The Hill


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