Home News Rob Schneider Targets Democratic Failures in Response to Russia Upset: “It’s not Russia, it’s YOU!

Rob Schneider Targets Democratic Failures in Response to Russia Upset: “It’s not Russia, it’s YOU!

Rob Schneider Targets Democratic Failures in Response to Russia Upset: “It’s not Russia, it’s YOU!

Former Democrat and a member of the cast of the popular TV show Saturday Night Live Rob Schneider gets political with a snarky tweet. He pointed out in an original timeline of Democratic failures that “It’s not Russia, it’s YOU.”

After recent upset among the party regarding evidence that Trump’s campaign members held close contact with Russian officials, Schneider saw a need to respond by getting to the root of the real issue:

This list of defeats points out to the Democrats that maybe they’ve been having issues since before this past election. Americans have been voting them out of office since 2010. A few years following the downward spiral for his lifelong party, Schneider began to see why.

After being a Democrat for nearly 50 years, Schneider switched to the Republican Party in 2013, holding fast to the belief that, as he put it in an interview:

“Another four years of a Democratic administration will be a disaster, as it already has been”

He believed the state of California could no longer benefit from a Democratic rule and chose to make the bold switch out of love for his home state. In the interview, he blamed the Democratic administration for his lack of work as an actor in Hollywood:

“The last time I made a movie was seven years ago, and that’s because we’re not being competitive.”

Having moved away from the state to support his failing vitamin company he also credited that to the Democrat platform:

“We moved out of the state because of overregulation. It isn’t helping businesses. We’re chasing businesses away.”

He still holds fast to his beliefs for less government in 2017.

As for the issue of Russian connections itself, Trump has denied that the communications were even taking place during the election. He also has chosen to blame the Democrats for stirring up controversy. Outspoken Schneider doesn’t shy away from supporting Trump’s Presidency in this matter, following the trend he set in November of standing up for the guy:


Dear Portland, You can’t protest Trump’s Presidency yet! He hasn’t even started! That’s like arresting a drunk on the way to the bar!
— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider), November 13, 2016.

Schneider’s behavior since 2013 has proven his little hopes for the Democratic Party’s redemption. We can count on this actor-comedian to side with President Trump, whether he held contacts with Russia during the election or not. Because, as he has informed the Democrats, “It’s not Russia, it’s YOU!”

Credit: BreitBart | The Blaze


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