Home News UH OH: One Of Hillary’s Closest Aides TURNS HIS BACK … She’s PANICKING Big Time!

UH OH: One Of Hillary’s Closest Aides TURNS HIS BACK … She’s PANICKING Big Time!


Depending on which end of the barrel of the WikiLeaks gun you are on, the hacktivist website is either the gift that keeps on giving, or a nightmare that never ends.

And so it goes for presidential hopeful and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The same goes if you are John Podesta. Right about now you’re wishing there had never been an internet and we were still using punch-card computers the size of small houses to get things done.

In emails from Podesta’s email account released by WikiLeaks Sunday, campaign manager Robbie Mook made the following statement about his boss:

When soliciting contributions, Clinton had little consideration for ethics, as the corporations who were featured in Shanghai also contributed to her foundation and received accolades from the State Department.

Clinton also appointed Jose Villarreal as Commissioner General of US Exhibition to World Expo Shanghai 2010. Villarreal was a bundler and advisor for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign and deputy campaign manager for the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1992.

But the scandal does not end there. Mook’s email and the subsequent ten-page attachment to that email shows that Clinton not only placed cronies in positions of power, but that she used her State Department contacts and influence to secure contracts for companies such as Boeing.

Clinton secured Boeing a lucrative multi-billion-dollar deal with Russian and then a month later announced Boeing was being given $2 million “to help resuscitate floundering US efforts.” She and her connections created a charity so that donations made at the expo would be tax-deductible. Interestingly enough, Boeing donated $2.25 million.

If one does the math on just this deal. Boeing paid $2.25 million, tax free. They were given $2 million to help “floundering US efforts” (whatever that means). That means Boeing paid $250,000 to secure a multi-billion-dollar deal with Russia.

If this is not meet the criteria of “pay for play,” then I don’t know what does.

The real question is, “Does the average American care?” We’ll find out on Tuesday.

h/t: The Daily Caller






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