Home Politics Rush Limbaugh warns: “They want capital punishment for Trump”

Rush Limbaugh warns: “They want capital punishment for Trump”

Rush Limbaugh warns: “They want capital punishment for Trump”

Radio host and conservative voice Rush Limbaugh said on his Monday show that he believes Democrats are having to up their rhetoric to feed the outraged base that they’ve created, and that it could go too far.

According to the 30-year-veteran host, Democrats in the United States are not only paying for protests in the U.K. while the president is visiting, they’re continuing to write outrageous OP-Ed’s, which are gladly published, and compare President Donald Trump to Hitler, in order to keep their momentum alive.

“But back here in the United States, the Democrat Party continues to not know what to do. They don’t know what to do about Trump. They are at their wits’ end. They are frustrated beyond your ability to understand how frustrated they are. Because they expected the Mueller report to finally nail Trump. And since that didn’t happen and Mueller’s press conference didn’t make it happen, they are beside themselves.”

Limbaugh then delved into Democratic party leaders push to impeach the president, despite the report from the investigation into potential campaign fraud coming up empty.

According to Limbaugh, “they have told their base so many outrageous things … (that) they have created this gigantic group of people who are walking around believing a bunch of lies. And they’ve lost control over it now. But it’s their own fault because they fed these people.”

“And the Democrat Party has created this group of people. And they have to keep feeding it ’cause they need their money, they need their votes. These people want Trump frog-marched, they want worse than that. They don’t want Trump in jail. They want him executed. They want capital punishment for Trump. And these Democrats are not acting on it, and they’re getting frustrated out there.


“They’re trying to talk around impeachment. “We’re gonna do it, but maybe but not now. We’re thinking about it.” They don’t want any hesitation whatsoever. They want Trump and they want it now. And if Kamala Harris isn’t gonna do it, if Pelosi isn’t gonna do it, they’re gonna storm the stage and try to make it happen themselves.”


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