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Russian Hacker Arrested In Spain

Russian Hacker Arrested In Spain

According to Spanish press reports, the alleged hack of the US election just found a huge break IF it pans out to be real. Spanish police recently arrested a Russian programmer for involvement in “hacking” the elections.

Pyotr Levashov was found in Barcelona and immediately placed in custody. According to BBC.com, “a ‘legal source’ also told the AFP news agency that Mr. Levashov was the subject of an extradition request by the US.” Spain’s national criminal court is planning on looking into the extradition.

According to Spanish news website, El Confidencial, Levashov’s warrant for arrest was released by the US in connection with “hacking” the elections in favor of Donald Trump’s campaign. These facts were confirmed by Levashov’s wife, Maria. Russian broadcaster RT stated that his wife also verified that the reason for his arrest was in connection with election “hacking.”

Despite everyone becoming upset at President Trump for making allegations, no one has pressed the US Intelligence officials for making allegations in January. In the report, officials state that Russian President Vladimir Putin helped Trump meet his victory. To date, there has been no evidence that Russia colluded with the Trump Administration.

According to the January report, Russia aiming to “undermine public faith” in the elections towards Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The damage mainly came from the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee. Those emails were released via Wikileaks which caused people to “troll” the internet with demoralizing comments.

The speculations don’t amount to much. Even if Mr. Putin did have connections with the hacking, how could one prove that a few negative comments changed the results of the elections? Plus, Russia has vehemently denied messing with the US elections, and they are currently threatening to attack us. That doesn’t seem like something an ally to Trump would do.


What do you think about this alleged hack by Russia? Do you think this person will have involvement? Let us know below!

Credit: BBC.com


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