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Ryan Says Not So Fast and Promises Greater Border Protection

Ryan Says Not So Fast and Promises Greater Border Protection

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan rejected President Donald Trump’s amnesty-for-no-wall deal, adding that he would promote stronger border protection.

This rejection came after Trump told reporters on Thursday that “Paul Ryan and everyone is on board” with the decision to break his 2016 campaign promise for a border wall.

Ryan has repeatedly said he was going to develop his own DACA amnesty deal over a substantial amount of time that will include stronger border protections, as well as a greater inflow of cheap, temporary workers. This deal will also support importing wage-cutting foreign workers, although.

In a news conference on Thursday, Ryan said, “I think the president understands he has to work with the congressional majorities to get any kind of legislative solution. It was a discussion, not an agreement or a negotiation.”

In the late-night agreement between Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Ryan said, “You cannot fix DACA without fixing the root cause of our problem: We do not have control of our borders, so we need border security and enforcement as part of an agreement.”

Twitter Screen Shot

Twitter Screen Shot

For a brief overview of Ryan explaining why the U.S. will fund the border wall, check out the following video…

Ryan went on to emphasize his support for a wall, saying, “I think a wall actually works.”

On Wednesday, Ryan told Associated Press editors, “The reason I say that is because I went down to the Rio Grande and the Border Patrol themselves told me, “Yeah, there are certain spaces where we actually need a physical barrier.”

Ryan also went on to say that GOP members support good border protections, saying, “The problem our members have, legitimately, is what they really worry about, is that if we don’t actually get security of our borders and enforce our laws, then we are just going to make the same mistakes as did in the past. That is why we have to have these [border security] things dealt with … doing border security should not be a negotiable thing, we should have security of our borders.”

What are your thoughts? Do we actually need a wall or is it unnecessary?

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Credit: CNBC | Washington Post | Breitbart


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