Home Politics You Say Potato, I Say Sean Spicer?

You Say Potato, I Say Sean Spicer?

You Say Potato, I Say Sean Spicer?

Earlier on Tuesday National Security Advisor H.R McMaster conducted a new conference rebutting the claims from the Washington Post. Oddly, later in the day, Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave an off-camera press conference. Well, the people “Oh Great, More Politics” decided to have some fun. Using Facebook Live they broadcasted the audio of the live press conference and used a potato puppet in the likeness of Spicer.
It’s no secret that many inside the White House have voiced their displeasure with how Sean Spicer has handled the press. Additionally, it seems all but certain that Kimberly Guilfoyle will be taking his place.
In the meantime, the White House appears to be doing all it can to keep Spicer off camera when things heat up. Last week Sarah Huckabee Sanders conducted press briefs and this quickly introduces H.R McMasters and then does a press conference off camera.

Now I know the press has done their best to destroy Sean Spicer and some of the criticism he receives is not his fault but, you have to admit this is funny.



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