Home News Scaramucci’s Deleted Tweet and Recent Comments Signal This Official May Be On the Way Out

Scaramucci’s Deleted Tweet and Recent Comments Signal This Official May Be On the Way Out

Scaramucci’s Deleted Tweet and Recent Comments Signal This Official May Be On the Way Out

Does White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci want the FBI to investigate Reince Priebus as a possible leaker? Scaramucci said Wednesday evening that he is reaching out to federal officials because of a financial disclosure leak that he says is a “felony.”

“In light of the leak of my financial disclosure info which is a felony. I will be contacting @FBI and the @TheJusticeDept,” Scaramucci tweeted. He tagged White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and also added the hashtag #swamp. He eventually deleted the tweet.

It’s not clear why Scaramucci tagged Priebus, but he has been named as a potential leaker by some Trump supporters. Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza, claimed in a tweet that he can confirm that Scaramucci thinks the FBI would investigate Priebus for leaking. Apparently, Priebus attempted to block Scaramucci from getting the White House job.

Scaramucci defended his initial tweet with a follow-up in which he tagged Priebus again. He said that his first tweet was a “public notice to leakers that all Sr Adm officials are helping to end illegal leaks.”

On Thursday during an appearance on CNN Scaramucci unloaded on Priebus and leakers. “I don’t like what they’re doing to my friends. I don’t like what they’re doing to the president of the United States or their fellow colleagues in the West Wing.” He’s the chief of staff,” he said. “He’s responsible for understanding and recovering and helping me do that inside the White House, which is why I put that tweet out last night.Those are the types of leaks that are so treasonous that 150 years ago, people would have actually been hung for those types of leaks.”

Anthony Scaramucci is referring in his tweets to a Politico report on Wednesday that gives details about his financial disclosure filed with the Office of Government Ethics. The form he filed should not have been made public yet because, as Scaramucci said, “They aren’t in process yet.” The “leaked” report focuses on Scaramucci’s wealth which includes assets worth as much as $85 million. It also reveals the millions of dollars he will likely obtain from his ownership stake in the investment firm SkyBridge Capital.

Scaramucci has threatened to contact the Department of Justice about the leaks. The DOJ issued a statement after Scaramucci appeared on Fox News Wednesday evening saying, “We have seen an astonishing increase in the number of leaks of classified national security information in recent months,” said Sarah Isgur Flores, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department. “We agree with Anthony that these staggering number of leaks are undermining the ability of our government to function and to protect this country. Like the Attorney General has said, ‘whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail,’ and we will aggressively pursue leak cases wherever they may lead.”

Scaramucci has promised since getting the White House job that he will crack down on the leaks and fire any and all potential leakers. It is yet to be seen whether Reince Priebus is in his sight however, if you read between the lines Priebus is on the short list.

Credit: Washington Examiner


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