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Schiff Strikes Back After Trump Tweet

Schiff Strikes Back After Trump Tweet

Leading Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee was enraged at President Trump’s recent tweet calling his actions “beneath the dignity of” the President of the United States.

Trump has attacked the House Intelligence Committee’s investigations countless times because of their “witch hunt” similarities. President Trump’s most recent attack on the investigation was directed toward Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. In the Tweet, Trump prodded Schiff saying he just uses the probe as a way to spent time on TV:

“Sleazy Adam Schiff, the totally biased Congressman looking into ‘Russia,’ spends all of his time on television pushing the Dem loss excuse!”

Schiff quickly tweeted back at the President the following:

“With respect Mr. President, the problem is how often you watch TV, and that your comments and actions are beneath the dignity of the office.”

Schiff’s response was directed at Trump’s alleged love of TV. Following Trump’s morning tweets would reveal that he often tweets about events that happen on the Fox News program, ‘Fox & Friends.’ But despite all the accusations, President Trump has denied that he spends a significant amount of time watching the TV.

President Trump’s statement about Schiff doesn’t go without truth though. Last week Kellyanne Conway also stated a similar thing while on with ‘Fox & Friends.’ The top adviser to President Trump said Schiff has been spending more time on the television than in the meetings and hearings for the Russia investigation:

“I mean, literally, Adam Schiff walks around with a cutout of the Capitol above his head instead of having these hearings.”

Credit: Politico


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