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School District In Trouble Over Actions Taken On Students Outside of School

School District In Trouble Over Actions Taken On Students Outside of School

A New Jersey school district has found itself in serious hot water after action taken against two students. Originally it was reported that two students received in school suspensions over a photo taken on a family visit to a shooting range.

The news of the suspension was spread through a Facebook group according to NJ.com.

A family friend of one of the suspended student Amanda Buron said one of the students posted on their SnapChat four rifles, and ammunition clip with the comment “fun day at the range.” The picture was taken on a private gun range, outside of school.

On a side note in the State of New Jersey, a 10-year-old under the supervision of an adult can legally hunt.

Shortly after the post, the school suspended the students; this is where things got weird. When requested for an interview the Lacey school Superintendent Craig Wigley responded by email saying, “Information posted on social media is incorrect.” He refused to comment on the incident at all and would not say what was false.

In all seriousness as much as I hate it I can live with that. The situation is for the parents to deal with and the School District is not allowed to release any information. However, after the suspension was issued the school district made a sneaky little change; they changed their policy.  NJ.com reports:

The discipline of the students ignited an uproar on social media and could lead to a big turnout at a board education meeting Monday evening at Lacey Township High School.

Before tweaking the language in the high school’s student handbook, the policy said “any student who is reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose whether on or off school grounds,” would be subject to penalties including up to a one-year suspension.

It now omits any mention of possessing a weapon off school grounds and doesn’t mention a specific suspension length. It also includes a note on buses.

“Students are forbidden to carry any type of weapon or simulated weapon to school,” the revamped policy states. “Strict disciplinary action and legal actions will result if this occurs. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any imitation firearm in or upon any part of the building… without the written authorization of the governing officer of the institution, or while on any school bus is a disorderly person.”

The revised policy can be accessed from the district’s website but the old policy is still publicly available on a Google drive.

The school Superintendent refuses to comment on their policy change and will not speak with the media.


A local gun club The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club has threatened a lawsuit because the school is infringing on the student 2nd Amendment rights. However, since the policy has changed the club said it may refrain.

Other parents have reported to the media that the school district has a history of overstepping, like have students remove stickers that they don’t approve of from their vehicles.


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