Home News Schumer Blows Up Amnesty Deal With Trump Aides

Schumer Blows Up Amnesty Deal With Trump Aides

Schumer Blows Up Amnesty Deal With Trump Aides

Earlier in the week, we posted an article that Trump aides were trying to work with Democrats on a deal with the border wall and DACA. Well, today that act of bipartisanship isn’t going to happen.

Chuck Schumer, the Democrats’ leader in the Senate immediately dismissed a proposed amnesty deal from President Trump aides, refusing to even look at it.

The deal offered a trade in which Trump would provide citizenship for over 800,000 illegal “DACA illegals,” including their parents and immediate relatives, in exchange for funds to build the border wall, stepped-up deportations, cuts to legal immigration, and a requirement that all employers use E-Verify. E-Verify is a program that allows employers to check the legal status of foreigners.

Schumer has been a strong supporter of Amnesty in the past, pushing for the 2013 “Comprehensive Immigration reform” amnesty-and-cheap-labor bill, which turned out to be a disaster for Democrats. It resulted in 10 last seats in the 2014 election, preventing Schumer from becoming Senate Majority Leader until at least 2020.’

Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Democrat leader, is rejecting amnesty deal as well. She voiced her position via twitter, saying, “It is no reprehensible to treat children as bargaining chips.”


Philip Wolgin, the managing director of immigration policy at the Democrats’ advocacy group, the Center for American Progress, is using the same “no bargaining chip” rhetoric…

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Greg Sargent, a progressive columnist at the Washington Post explained the Democrats’ view of the DACA-for-something trade:

“Now the Trump White House wants to use this population as a bargaining chip to compel Congress to fund a border wall, stepped-up deportations, cuts to legal immigration and a requirement that all employers use E-Verify. Evaluated solely on its terms, this would be a truly awful deal for immigration advocates and Democrats: It would constitute giving the restrictionists a whole range of things they covet, in exchange for not removing protections from dreamers that even many Republicans are loath to see removed. (Advocates say mandatory E-Verify would force undocumented immigrants out of work and compel them to self-deport, breaking up families; advocates are okay with E-Verify as long as it is paired with legalization of the 11 million, which would allow them to work legally.)

“There is no way Democrats could possibly assent to any such deal.”

Sargent continued,

“But in that scenario, the mess has been dumped on Republicans as well as Democrats. An analysis by the Cato Institute’s David Bier shows that if Trump ended DACA, it would probably be unwound over time, which would mean large chunks of dreamers losing work permits in rolling intervals. The dreamers are very sympathetic figures; they are well-organized politically; the national press will feature their stories, and a major blame-fest will break out. Republicans have already proven queasy about defending the uglier aspects of Trump’s immigration agenda — the mass deportations and the thinly disguised Muslim ban — and now they will risk owning the fates of the dreamers as well.”

Polls have come out, although, proving that American support for enforcing immigration laws is understated. Many Republicans believe that the Democrats’ reluctance to recognize the public’s strong support for vigorous enforcement has caused Democrats to overplay their hands in the 2013 amnesty debate, the 2014 elections, the 2016 elections — and likely the 2018 elections.

Sargent went on to talk bout the possibility of a deal involving Dreamers the future:

“To be clear, it is possible to envision some kind of deal involving the dreamers, as a kind of last-ditch (if sordid) way to salvage their fates, in which they gain protection (perhaps legislatively) in exchange for some form of increased border security funding or tweaks to the formula for legal immigration. But the White House deal taking shape would require Democrats to sell out all sorts of core priorities, and it is likely Democrats will draw a hard line against funding that would be used for the wall and an expanded deportation force.”

What are your thoughts? Will a deal involving dreamers become a reality or not? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

Credit: McClatchy | Salon | Breitbart


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