Home News Secret Recordings Reason Behind FBI Investigation of Clinton’s Despite DOJ Orders To “Stand Down”

Secret Recordings Reason Behind FBI Investigation of Clinton’s Despite DOJ Orders To “Stand Down”

Secret Recordings Reason Behind FBI Investigation of Clinton’s Despite DOJ Orders To “Stand Down”

Bill and Hillary Clinton; Washington, D.C.s ultimate power couple. These two have weathered political storms that would have destroyed lesser politicians. And yes, they even surpass the Obamas in terms of pure political power. Now, according to Zero Hedge, the ultimate power couple’s armor may be starting to chink.

What is causing all of the trouble? A FBI that is growing increasingly frustrated by the constant political meddling in legitimate criminal investigations … mainly against the Clintons. Secret recordings of a suspect talking about the Clinton Foundation were deemed worthy of pursuit by agents. But, of course, those agents were stymied by prosecutors and other top officials that told them to “stand down.”

This fueled the mutiny by agents to push forward with the investigation, and when it is viewed in that light, one can hardly blame FBI Director Comey from notifying Congress the way he did. But, being the Director is one thing, but when you are lower on the food chain, so to speak, you find that you are up against much greater opposition. And complaints of insubordination begin to fall like rain. For example, take this account from Zero Hedge,

In subsequent conversations with the Justice Department, Mr. Capers told officials in Washington that the FBI agents on the case “won’t let it go,” these people said.

As a result of those complaints, these people said, a senior Justice Department official called the FBI deputy director, Mr. McCabe, on Aug. 12 to say the agents in New York seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions, these people said. The conversation was a tense one, they said, and at one point Mr. McCabe asked, “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?’’ The senior Justice Department official replied: ”Of course not.”

And just when Hillary thought she was safe, she ended up making enemies of the very people she hoped would cover for her.

As I said, Hillary has long thought of herself as untouchable. Untouchable in every manner. She can treat people the way she wants, talk to them in ways that are outside social norms. She feels herself entitled to power, to money, and to an illusory self-image of the kindly matron who wants only to protect and pamper her children.


After so many years of operating without consequence, Hillary is just now finding out that no secret stays buried, and no opposition stays bullied for very long.


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