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The Secret Service Claims the Well Is Dry

The Secret Service Claims the Well Is Dry

On Monday morning, The Secret Service is finding out that it is unable to pay the hundreds of agents it needs to carry out “an expanded protective mission.”

Where is the money going? Here’s your answer: President Trump.

Secret Service agents have experienced a heavy workload due to Trump’s large family and frequent travel. The Secret Service must protect Trump and his family at all costs.

In an interview conducted by USA TODAY, Secret Service Director Randolph Alles said, “More than 1,000 agents have already hit the federally mandated caps for salary and overtime allowances that were meant to last the entire year.”

Alles continued, “The president has a large family, and our responsibility is required in law. I can’t change that. I have no flexibility.”

42 people in the Trump administration have protection, which is significantly higher than the Obama Administration, which protected 31 people.

Alles makes it clear; there is not enough funding to keep up with Trump.

Trump makes almost weekly trips to his houses in New Jersey, Florida, and Virginia, and his children make regular business trips across the country and out of the country. Everything must be accounted for, and the Secret Service just cannot keep up.

Alles has been in discussion with lawmakers to raise the combined salary and overtime for agents from $160,000 to $187,000 to compensate for the increased workload.

No matter what, although, close to 130 veteran agents will not be adequately compensated for the hundreds of hours that have already amassed.

Alles concluded the interview by saying, “I don’t see this changing in the near-term.’

Jennifer Werner, a spokesperson for Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings, said, “It is clear that the Secret Service’s demands will continue to be higher than ever throughout the Trump administration.”

What are your thoughts on Trump draining the Secret Service budget? What is the solution? Please feel free to leave a comment below!



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