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Senate Eliminates Rule To Help the Unemployed

Senate Eliminates Rule To Help the Unemployed

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about President Trump Is how many promises he has kept. Unlike most politicians, Trump has managed to keep all his promises so far leading one to wonder, “what makes him different?”

His most recent kept promise revolves around drug testing those on unemployment benefits. Senators voted 51-48 under the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the rule. The legislation has passed the House and will be given to the President shortly.

During Obama’s administration, the 2012 law stated that of those applying for unemployment benefits, only those previously fired for drug use can be drug tested. The only other exemption is for jobs that have routine drug tests which Obama listed out under the law.

The moves by the Obama administration upset several Republicans who argued that the actions of the government were an overreach of power:

“As we saw too often, the Obama administration went beyond its legal authority in creating legislation that limits the role of state governments,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

The Hill reported on the Trump administration’s stance saying:

“The Trump administration has also voiced support for getting rid of the rule, arguing its definition of occupations is too narrow and limits a state’s ability to drug test.”

Democrats, on the other hand, say the rule shouldn’t be disabled because it will give states the ability to drug test whenever and whoever they want. This includes those who aren’t at fault for being unemployed. “This idea that there is a presumption of irresponsible conduct and guilt is just baseless,” said Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden on the Senate floor.


Do you agree with allowing everyone to be drug tested if they are applying for unemployment? Let us know below!

The Hill


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