Home National News Senator Cruz Makes An Alerting Statement About the Healthcare Bill In the Senate

Senator Cruz Makes An Alerting Statement About the Healthcare Bill In the Senate

Senator Cruz Makes An Alerting Statement About the Healthcare Bill In the Senate

Republicans finally saw the beginning of what they hope to be the end of ObamaCare. The major success may have passed the House of Representatives, but Sen. Ted Cruz has made it clear that the fight would only get harder.

During “The Trey Ware Show,” Cruz leaned into the House’s Freedom Caucus for being the reason the legislation passed the House:

“The House has been working diligently, and it looks like they’ve reached an agreement. So, it appears that the votes are there to pass it out of the House today. I think that’s a positive thing. What we’ve seen between when it was first introduced and now, is the Freedom Caucus – the strong conservatives in the House have been pressing really hard to improve this bill and to make it better. And what they’ve been focusing on quite rightly is that we’ve got to lower health insurance premiums. But, that’s going to be the test of success or failure. Do premiums go up or do they go down? If we can lower premiums, it’s a victory.”

The Senator sounded doubtful that the legislation would make it past the Senate. He even went on to say it was “incumbent” for lawmakers to make the bill better. Cruz went on to say even if the bill moves forward; Republicans can only afford to lose two Republicans because of how many Democrats voted no the first time round.

But Cruz seems to have created a solution he hopes to bring in success. Cruz continued:

“Now what I’ve been doing, Trey, for over a month now, is I assembled a group of senators — Republicans across the ideological spectrum — and we have been meeting weekly, sitting down and trying to come to common ground, trying to come together and say ‘Where do we all agree on how we repeal Obamacare and fix the underlying problem?”

Cruz continued his statement saying:

“What are consensus ideas?’ And when there are disagreements, ‘How can we reach a resolution that satisfies that core objectives of each?’ And so we’ve got the full ideological spectrum. We have people who are conservatives, we have people who are much more moderate, and we’re sitting down — now meeting twice a week to try to work through and come to an agreement. It, frankly, is the process I think the House of Representatives should have started with, and they didn’t. But we’re going to try to do it in the Senate, and I hope we can get it done.”


Cruz ended his thoughts saying he didn’t believe failure was an option when it comes to the health care replacement. It’s been seven years since Republicans have promised they would take away ObamaCare, and many people are relying on that promise.

What do you think about this new bill? Do you think it will pass?

Credit: Breitbart


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