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Sheila Jackson Lee Sued Over Rape Scandal

Sheila Jackson Lee Sued Over Rape Scandal

Texas Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is being sued by a staffer who alleges that she was raped by someone in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, according to BuzzFeed News.

The defendant, identified only as Jane Doe, says that she was planning to pursue legal action over the alleged rape when the congresswoman retaliated against her and fired her.

According to the defendant, the rape occurred in October of 2015 when she was a 19-year-old intern for the CBCF and was perpetrated by Damien Jones, who was the intern coordinator.

“NEW: A lawsuit claims Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee retaliated against a staffer who planned to sue the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation over an alleged rape”

Doe said that she reported her version of events to the police and told several people, including Representative Terri Sewell, who was a former boss and a distant relative. She did not, whoever, peruse legal action at that time.

Several years later, Doe was working for Lee, who is the chair of the board of the CBCF when she decided that she did want to peruse legal action, and told Lee’s chief of staff in early 2018, Glenn Rushing.

According to Doe, she asked to speak to Lee, but was not allowed to do so, and was fired several weeks later.

Jones did not return BuzzFeed’s request for comment, and while he is no longer working at the CBCF, he is still working in Democratic politics, working recently on Beto O’Rourke’s Senate Campaign.

O’Rourke’s spokesperson, Chris Evans, told BuzzFeed News, “The Beto for Texas campaign was absolutely not aware of these allegations until today and no longer has a relationship with Damien Jones.”

According to Lee’s camp, Rushing told BuzzFeed that, “We had nothing to do with any of the actions that have been cited and the person was not wrongfully terminated.”


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