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She’s Back and Has Launched A PAC

She’s Back and Has Launched A PAC

Hillary Clinton has already launched a PAC to help congressional Democrats in 2018. Hillary has also made her intentions known she wants to play a role in the midterms.
According to reports, Hillary is looking at Republican-held congressional districts she won in the Presidential election. Democrats are especially looking at areas in California as they begin their quest to take back the House. The Hill reports:

Ellen Tauscher — a Clinton ally and former California congresswoman — along with a longtime aide Katie Merrill, have started a super PAC focused on seven of the so-called “split districts” in that state that voted for Clinton but backed a Republican candidate for the House.
Democrats are still mapping out a game plan for 2018 along with a message for their rudderless party. But another Clinton confidant said part of the plan might be to have Clinton campaign for candidates in the places where she won.
“No one can argue that Clinton helping in those areas wouldn’t be helpful,” the confidant said. “That is a priority for her.”
Even staunch Clinton supporters say that while there is room for her to play a role, she also needs to leave room for new leaders to emerge.
Garry Mauro, a longtime friend of the Clintons who led Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign effort in Texas, thinks the House can be won with the help of the Longhorn state, where there are three “split” districts.
But he doesn’t want Clinton to be front and center.
“Would she be well received? Of course, she would be. But we’re not going to win these races because Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi comes to the state and campaigns,” Mauro said. “We’re going to win it because we represent new leadership and new ideas.
“I think Secretary Clinton has got to define her role in American politics, and she can play a real role in helping the Democratic Party but … we need new leadership,” Mauro added. “She can play a heck of a role. She just can’t play the dominant role.”

So what do you think? Do you think Hillary could help the Democrats? Do you think Republicans would benefit from Hillary back on the campaign trail?

You can read the entire report here.


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