Home News SHOCKING: Recent Report Says Dems Waged a Cyber Attack on WikiLeaks

SHOCKING: Recent Report Says Dems Waged a Cyber Attack on WikiLeaks

SHOCKING: Recent Report Says Dems Waged a Cyber Attack on WikiLeaks

The Daily Mail reports that on Tuesday, WikiLeaks was the target of an ‘unrelenting’ cyber-attack that prevented it from releasing more emails linked to Hillary Clinton.  The site, which had been releasing a scathing tidal wave of emails that showed the world the depths to which the Democrats and the Hillary Campaign will go in order to retain power and fool the American People into thinking it was actually on their side.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks confirmed on Twitter that it was hit with Distributed Denial of Service cyber-attacks that came from thousands of unique i.p. addresses. These attacks are aimed at shutting down a network resource and thereby denying it access to all users. Think of it as a mob at a grocery store where everyone is after the same thing. Or like a Black Friday sale when everyone wants the $99 flat-screen tv.

The fact that WikiLeaks was set to release another batch of John Podesta’s emails and that the attack came on Election day has some people wondering if the attack might have come from the Democratic Party (or a close ally).

Is it, as asked by Patricia Ramirez of Inquisitr writes, “possible that Election Day’s WikiLeaks cyber-attacks could have prevented undecided voters from accessing critical information vital to their voting decision?

And who could have been behind this? Russia? Doubtful. The Republicans? Hardly, considering that they have the most to gain from this information being released. The United States Government? I wouldn’t put it past them. Although, it would definitely be in Obama’s best interests to see Hillary Elected and his legacy cemented, I doubt that he would be stupid enough to be behind it. The DNC and Hillary’s campaign? The two were effectively one unit throughout the election. Hillary had the most to lose with these emails and the desperation in the final days make this a likely scenario.

It is, however, unlikely we will ever know just who was responsible in this attack.






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