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Sneaky Senate Slides Themselves A Bigger Piece of the Pie In Omnibus

Sneaky Senate Slides Themselves A Bigger Piece of the Pie In Omnibus

Well, the “Dreamers” were not addressed in the signed spending measure, but the House and the Senate did increase their own budgets in the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package.

The Senate increased the total salaries of officers and employees by $12.6 million. In the 2,232-page measure that lawmakers had fewer than 48 hours to read and vote on, they not only gave themselves a bonus, they also gave millions to prevent “elderly falls,” promote breastfeeding and fight “excessive alcohol use.”

According to the congressional summary of the bill, the measure increases the Senate budget to $919.9 million, up $48.8 million from the fiscal year 2017.

“The increase provides funding necessary for critical modernization and upgrades of the Senate financial management system and investments in IT security,” the summary states.

The House of Representatives increased its budget to $1.2 billion, which is $10.9 million above 2017 levels.

The salaries of officers and employees in the Senate will see increases from $182 million in 2017 to $194.8 million in the final bill, that’s an increase of $12.58 million. They also increased the expense account in the Senate, going from $177,000 to $192,000.

The House kept its budget for salaries the same at $22.3 million and lowered expenses by $4.4 million.

There is an increase in funding for health research, including a $3 billion increase to the National Institutes of Health; $4 million to combat “excessive alcohol use” through a CDC prevention and health promotion program; and another $15 million goes to study “high obesity counties” and an increase of $5 million for the CDC program that seeks to “address obesity in counties” by leveraging “the community extension services provided by land grant universities who are mandated to translate science into practical action and promote healthy lifestyles.”


What are your thoughts about the increases to the Senate and House as well as these other areas?

Credit: Free Beacon


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