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Snowden Explains How Feds Reviewed 650K Emails in 8 Days


FBI Director James Comey briefed lawmakers on Sunday that the agency cleared Hillary Clintons of all email server-related crimes as they found no evidence of wrongdoing in a new batch of 650,000 emails. But the announcement raised some eyebrows since the feat seems almost impossible at a first glance.

General Michael Flynn, who supports Trump, commented on the move on Twitter.

Flynn is just one of thousands of social media users that now suspect the investigation was too speedy to be real. These people say that it is impossible to comb through 650,000 email messages in about a week. Plus, many of the messages were personal or irrelevant as they were found on disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop.

The federal investigators learned about the emails when they dug into data on Weiner’s computer in a bid to find evidence of sexting a minor in a separate investigation.

Snowden Debunks Conspiracy Theory

Flynn also tweeted that the feat was “impossible” since it took the agency one year to analyze 60,000 emails. He suspects that “smart machines” may be involved and invited his followers to come with “thoughts.” So, it took just one spark for a new conspiracy theory to be born.

A BuzzMachine reporter wanted to test the theory and contacted former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, asking for professional advice. Snowden replied that the job can be done in a few hours even if the device is extremely old. Federal investigators said Weiner’s device is at least a decade old. Mr. Snowden even provided the recipe for the lightning-fast results.

Comey said that the entire operation required around-the-clock work to complete. In addition, one investigator disclosed the team worked as fast as they could.

The Renewed Probe into Clinton’s  Use of Private Email Server

Comey had briefed Congress on the renewed probe into Hillary Clinton’s missing emails from her private email server ten days into the Election Day. At the time, he said the agency had found ‘pertinent’ evidence to reopen the case.

The news came as a shock and promised to turn the tide of Nov. 8 election. The media and the Democrats blasted Comey for the bad timing. But the FBI chief was adamant as his agency found new emails on Weiner’s laptop. The emails belonged to his now-estranged wife Huma Abedin, who has been Clinton’s top adviser for years. It is unclear how Abedin’s work emails landed on her husband device as she said they did not share the laptop. The FBI pledged a probe into the issue.

But after eight days, Comey sends the same message as he did in August: that the FBI found no evidence and that he recommends no criminal charges. All of this happening just two days before the election.

This summer, Comey called the presidential nominee “extremely careless” in how she handled classified communications. Yet, he said they found “no criminal intent’ and added that no prosecutor in their right mind would prosecute her.


On Sunday, he told regulators that his team analyzed “a large volume of emails” and identified all messages sent to or from then-Secretary of State Clinton via her home email server.

Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton,”

Comey concluded in a letter to Congress.

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