Home News Snowflake CNN Host Dumps Parkland Survivor After Tweet

Snowflake CNN Host Dumps Parkland Survivor After Tweet

Snowflake CNN Host Dumps Parkland Survivor After Tweet

Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv, one of the most outspoken pro-gun supporters among young debaters, was scheduled to appear on CNN today.

According to Kashuv, however, CNN canceled his appearance.

Kashuv has frequently advocated for more security in schools, versus restriction of gun rights.

He tweeted out the cancelation, explaining that it was caused by one his Twitter retweets.

Twitter screen shot

It took 5 weeks for @CNN to invite a student on from the republican side. They finally invited me on and then canceled over a RT of a factual article where someone called them a “fake news hypocrite”.

Don’t worry, though, they’re the MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS! Q

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) March 21, 2018

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch also weighed in on the cancellation…

Twitter screen shot

The cancellation comes at a time when CNN, as well as several other media outlets, have been called out by Republicans and conservatives for not giving a voice to Kashuv.

Kashuv is the only prominent right of center voice among the Parkland survivors.

CNN has not released a statement on the cancellation of Kashuv’s interview.


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Credit: RedState


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