Home Politics “Sometimes loses train of thought” – Juan Williams on Joe Biden’s ‘fading’ campaign

“Sometimes loses train of thought” – Juan Williams on Joe Biden’s ‘fading’ campaign

“Sometimes loses train of thought” – Juan Williams on Joe Biden’s ‘fading’ campaign

Fox News “The Five” host Juan Williams appeared on “America’s Newsroom” with host Bill Hemmer and shared his concern that several Democratic frontrunners, including Joe Biden, could be on a permanent decline.

“So, what you get is Elizabeth Warren rising. She seems to be the hot ticket at the moment. By the way, a great concern to Wall Street. They’re just about apoplectic at the idea that Elizabeth Warren and her taxing plans and ‘Medicare-for-all’ would come in,” Williams said according to Fox News.

“And then, secondly, you come to Joe Biden, who was and still is the national front-runner but has been fading in some of these states — specifically Iowa, he’s now in fourth in Iowa,” said Williams.

“And then you come to Bernie Sanders … Bernie has been slipping as well, although he’s gotten some endorsements,” he added.

Williams focused in on Biden, saying that when on the debate stage “he looks like he’s faltering and sometimes loses [his] train of thought.”

“The problem for Joe Biden is age, and the fact that you see people like Bloomberg and now you see Deval Patrick – the former governor of Massachusetts – looking to get in, I think that’s a direct shot at Joe Biden,” he told Hemmer.

“What it does indicate is there is some disquiet if not anxiety on the Democratic side about the current crop of candidates,” he said.

“Can they beat Donald Trump? Because that’s the bottom line for the Democrats.”

According to an Emerson College survey, President Donald Trump would walk away with the win against former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, two of the Democratic presidential frontrunners in a hypothetical Iowa caucus.

In the survey, 51 percent of registered Iowa voters said that they would choose Trump over Biden, and the same percentage said they would choose him over Warren.

However, the reverse was true for Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won 51 percent of the hypothetical vote over Trump, who pulled in 49 percent of the support.

The pollster did, however, note that the slight margin on all fronts falls within the poll’s 3.2 percentage-point margin of error

“The survey also found Warren and Biden leading the Democratic field, tied at 23 percent support among Democratic caucus-goers. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg was in third place with 16 percent, followed by 13 percent for Sanders,” The Hill reported.

However, the current Democrats’ greatest opponent might not be from Trump, but their former first lady, according to another poll.

The new poll reported by The DailyMail, Democratic presidential candidates are being outpaced in the New Hampshire polls by former first lady Michelle Obama.

“Michelle Obama would be the Democratic front-runner in New Hampshire should she decide to enter the 2020 presidential race, a new survey has found,” the DailyMail reported.


The poll, which was conducted by The Boston Herald and Franklin Pierce University, surprisingly found that Obama, who is someone not currently in the race, solicited 26 percent of loyalty from the northeastern state, which is the first state to hold their Democratic primary.

“Obama would be six percentage points ahead of current front-runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, each of whom would secure 20% of the New Hampshire vote should the former first lady throw her hat into the ring,” the DailyMail went on.

Sen. Bernie Sanders would be in fourth place with 15 percent of the votes, according to the poll.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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