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WOW: Clinton Team Has INSANE Theory For Why They Lost… They’re LOSING Their Minds!


Democrats quickly started the blame game following their presidential nominee’s embarrassing loss to president-elect Donald Trump.

The Republican pulled off a stunning upset of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Her supporters are still crying over the defeat.

Democrats rushed to turn on the institution that propelled them to early success in the election – the mainstream media.

Key staffers threw the media under the bus Thursday when a top member of Clinton’s campaign told key supporters her defeat was “the most devastating loss in the history of American politics,” according to The Daily Caller.

And the cause?

That would be a pro-Donald Trump bias in the media if you ask her campaign chairman John Podesta.

This is a man who coordinated inside scoops to the media and whose staff approved news stories with their pro-Clinton, anti-Trump media connections.

From The Daily Caller:

The remarks were made during a conference call between Clinton’s shell-shocked campaign team and several backers of Clinton’s campaign, such as donor J.B. Pritzker, Ready PAC co-founder Allida Black, and political strategist Maria Cardona. The contents of the private call were reported by The Hill, which spoke to one of the Clinton backers on the call.

Losing to Trump in such an upset was still stinging when Clinton campaign spokesman Jennifer Palmieri described how devastating Clinton’s loss was to Democrats. From The Hill:

“Thirty-six hours after the most devastating loss in the history of American politics, we’re looking at a white board right now with lots of ideas,” said Palmieri said. “We’re sort of figuring out what we need to do this week, and what we need Democrats to do in the next two months ahead of the inaugural.”

Their initial plan of action was to blame others for their unbelievable failure.


“The media always covered her as the person who would be president and therefore tried to eviscerate her before the election, but covered Trump who was someone who was entertaining and sort of gave him a pass,” said Podesta. “We need to reflect and analyze that and put our voices forward.”

Podesta even attacked the FBI and Director James Comey. Comey helped Clinton by not charging her for what people perceived as obvious crimes for her reckless use of a private email server.

Podesta said the “dominance of the way [the media] covered the emails” caused them to drown out issues like Trump’s income taxes or his alleged links to Russia.

Its’ amazing to sensible people outside the delusional Democratic political machine how they just don’t get it. Mainstream media obsessively attacked Trump throughout the election cycle. That same media blatantly protected Clinton, even colluding with her staff to produce biased, flawed stories supporting her.

Clinton got her crooked butt kicked across the nation by voters. American citizens responded to what she offered and sent her packing. Dirty Democrats can’t grasp the fact they lost because of a flawed candidate operating within a corrupt political machine.


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