Home National News State Department Denies FOIA Request to ‘Protect Internal Deliberations’

State Department Denies FOIA Request to ‘Protect Internal Deliberations’

State Department Denies FOIA Request to ‘Protect Internal Deliberations’

So far, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has remained unscathed by the controversy and allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump team. That may be about to end. The State Department is allegedly refusing to release a document related to Tillerson’s interactions with Russia during his time as CEO of ExxonMobil.

According to a report from CNN, the State Department responded to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by CNN in December by citing the need to protect internal deliberations. CNN asked for any “communications between ExxonMobil CEO/Chairman Rex Tillerson and officials at the State Department relating to Russia and US policy toward Russia.” The State Department told CNN that one relevant document had been located, but their decision was that “it must be withheld in full.”

Although there has been little criticism of Tillerson since he took the position, Democrats and some Independents were concerned about his appointment for two reasons: His lack of government experience and his seemingly friendly relationship with Russia. During his tenure at ExxonMobile, he frequently worked with the Russian government on a wide range of business projects. Moscow even awarded Tillerson the prestigious Order of Friendship.

CNN has reported that they have appealed the decision to withhold the information.

Do you think that Tillerson is now going to be in the mire of controversy from the Russian investigation?

Credit: The Hill




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